Project Description


documentary, 80 min

  • Director – Michał Helwak
  • Producer – Marcin Wierzchosławski
  • Production – Metro Films
  • The project received development funding from the Polish Film Institute


Hamtramck – American city in Michigan, near Detroit. For decades, it was the center of the Polish presence in the US, with a permanent population of over 70% of Polish Catholics. Ted Palac, one of the few Poles still there, is a late 1960s political refugee. Now a devoted Trump voter, Ted misses America from his past. He supports the slogan “make America great again”. Ted is an excellent boxing trainer and wants to train new champions. To make his dream come true, Ted needs to train young Muslims. One of his Yemeni interns, Amzadur, seems to be a good candidate for a boxing champion. Ted thinks Amzadur could fight at the Olympics. But Amzadur is young, undisciplined, and generally doesn’t have a good time. His family is not doing well after the last car factory where his father worked closes. Amzadur needs to earn money for his family instead of attending training sessions.