Project Description


Short film, 30 min, 2009

  • Screenplay – Kuba Czekaj
  • Directed by – Kuba Czekaj
  • DOP – Adam Palenta
  • Cast – Przemysław Bluszcz, Jowita Budnik, Emilia Stachurska
  • Producer – Ewa Jastrzębska
  • Executive producer – Marcin Wierzchosławski, Jacek Kucharski
  • Co-financing – Polish Film Institute
  • Co-producers – Metro Films, Polish Television
  • Production – Polish Filmmakers Association “Młodzi i Film” Studio Andrzej Munk


A story about the boundless love of an eleven-year-old girl “Łata” for her father. Łata is preparing a song for the school academy, organized for the upcoming Father’s Day. This makes the girl look at her father more closely than usual. Willing to describe her feelings as well as possible, she slowly begins to discover the secrets hidden by him …


  • 2009
    Gdynia (Festival of Polish Feature Films) – Grand Prix of the “Young Polish Cinema” competition for “innovation in both film content and language”

  • 2010
    Talent Trójki (Polish Radio Program 3 Award) Jakub Czekaj

  • 2010
    Krakow (Krakow Film Festival – Polish Competition) – Silver Hobby Horsefor the best short fiction film

  • 2010Radom (Polish National Film Meetings “Chamber Summer”) – Grand Prix “Złoty Łucznik”

  • 2010
    Kosovo (Shqip Film Fest) -Grand Prix

  • 2010
    Kazimierz Dolny (Film and Art Festival “Dwa Brzegi”) – Main Prize in the Competition of School and Amateur Short Films for “maturity of the gaze, amazing idea for a story, magical scenery and great realization”

  • 2010
    Vancouver (MFF) – Special Jury Award

  • 2010
    Avanca (MF: Feature, TV and Video) – Award for the best short fiction film

  • 2010
    Koszalin (Koszalin Festival of Film Debuts “Young and Film”) – Honorable Mention for a short feature film

  • 2010
    Tirana (First Step Film Fest) – Main Prize in the short film category

  • 2010
    Warsaw (International Forum of Short Feature Films “Cinemaforum”) – Grand Prix for “sensitivity, originality and own language”

  • 2010
    Kyoto (Kyoto International Student Film and Video Festival) -Grand Prix

  • 2011
    The Polish Independent Cinema Award Jan Machulski – in the category: Best Screenplay
    Jakub Czekaj

  • 2011
    The Polish Independent Cinema Award Jan Machulski – in the Best Cinematography category
    Adam Palenta

  • 2011
    The Polish Independent Cinema Award Jan Machulski – in the category: Best Editing
    Daniel Gąsiorowski

  • 2011
    The Polish Independent Cinema Award Jan Machulski-Nomination in the category: Best Director
    Kuba Czekaj